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Humidity Perfection!

AKIMist®"E" is Proven to Improve Your Product's Quality and Productivity with Minimal Investment.


IKEUCHI has become the worldfs number one supplier of industrial humidifiers by providing a versatile system that can achieve ideal humidity in any environment with our patented technology, "Dry Fog" (non-wetting mist).

IKEUCHI's Mist Engineers can help you avoid the pitfalls that occur after installation of other 'mindless' humidifiers.

When you:
- Cannot achieve the target humidity
- Cannot create uniform humidity
- Observe, no improvement in quality or productivity, which is why you purchased a system in the first place.
- Incur high maintenance or running costs.

IKEUCHI offers your company customized solutions using the following options.

1. AirAKI® - IKEUCHI studies you application and why you need humidity to solve what kind of issues first. Our Mist Engineers can then design the most effective system layout on the results of on-site inspection or floor layout and calculation so that you can get the target UNIFORM humidity. Of course, we are proud of our after-care service.

2. Spot humidification - Our "Dry Fog" provides the most cost-effective way to humidify even if your site has high rates of air exchange or an open bay which you may think too large to control. Our Dry Fog can be sprayed directly at your target space, raising humidity only where you need it. This is our unique solution, Spot Humidification.

During a slow economy, many businesses are seeking cost-effective improvements to save money and prevent down-time. Our system is an easy retrofit and will address many of the costly issues where static is the root cause.

You can find the solution for your Industry below.

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