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Even printing factories, that are highly efficient in quickening unmanned operations, and laborsaving, tend to be in shortage of humidity due to increase in heat put out by the machinery and more frequent induction of outside air. In printing factories, it is important that you have humidity control suitable for your companies needs.

Effect of Humidification in Web Offset Printing
Application Reference/Web Offset Printing
In the case of web offset printing, with its high machine speed of over 1000 rpm, a drastic improvement of productivity can be obtained by keeping humidity and temperature in the factory constant.

Effects of humidity control by AirAKI humidification system
- Prevention of disordered paper stacks when printing
- Reduction of paper loss and misprints in books
- Prevention of malfunctions in dimensional accuracy, color drift
- Less operators catching colds
- Prevention of paper expansion and contraction

Effect of Humidification in Newspaper Printing
Newspaper Printing/Humidity Conditioning
Troubles like paper jams and web breakage in newspaper printing, where high-quality and high-speed are required cause machine interruption and further delay newspaper delivery.
Effects of humidity control by AirAKI humidification system
- Elimination of problems such as paper jams and web breakage
- Leveling and elimination of electrostatic
- Less operators catching a colds

Effect of Humidification in Sheet-fed Offset Printing
Sheet-fed Offset Printing/Humidification, Humidity Conditioning, Electrostatic Control
It's well known in sheet-fed offset printing that shortage of humidity can cause troubles such as paper curling, printing of incorrect colors, and paper jams due to electrostatic. But, with AirAKI Humidification Systems keeping the printing-site at the constant humidity, you can drastically improve quality and productivity.
Effects of humidity control by AirAKI humidification system
- Prevention of paper curling
- Prevention of color drift and printing incorrect colors
- Less operators catching a cold
- Prevention of paper expansion and contraction

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