Spray Nozzles for Iron And Steel industry

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Spray Nozzles for Iron And Steel Industry

  • Pneumatic spray nozzles for cooling continuous cast steel

    DOVEA series DOVEA series DOVEA series

    Flat Spray Nozzles

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    DDA series DDA series DDA series

    Oval Spray Nozzles

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    dovea Nozzle interference

    spray distribution data
    • Features
    • High impact spray, high cooling performance and energy-saving mist cooling nozzle.
    • Large turn-down ratio of 1: 20 and minimal variation in spray angle. (DOVEA series)
    • Large free passage diameter for minimal clogging.
    • Delivering Results in,
    • Slab continuous casting
    • Bloom continuous casting
    • Billet casting
    • Cooling for continuous casting rollers
    • Cooling for hot mill rollers
    • Continuous annealing equipment

  • Convertible (Hydraulic / Pneumatic) spray nozzles for cooling continuous cast steel

    VV+AS series VV+AS series VV+AS series

    Convertible Flat Spray Nozzles


    DDR+AS_1.jpg DDR+AS DDR+AS series

    Convertible Wide Uniform Distribution Flat Spray Nozzles


    50L/min Used as hydraulic spray nozzle

    for large spray capacity of

    50 l/min.
    8.85L/min Used as pneumatic spray nozzles

    for small spray capacity of

    8.8 l/min.
    • Features
    • Energy saving mist nozzle for high-mix production.
    • New concept dual-use mist nozzle used as hydraulic spray nozzle for mid/large spray capacity and used as pneumatic spray nozzle for small spray capacity.
    • Large turn-down ratio of 1: 20 and minimal variation in spray distribution and spray angle.
    • Enables reduction of compressed air usage by more than 80% compared with dedicated pneumatic spray nozzles.

  • Descaling nozzles

    TDSS series TDSS series TDSS series

    Descaling Nozzles


    Tip structure of ultimate Tip structure of ultimate

    descaling nozzles

    TDSS series
    erosion test Photo of erosion test
    • Features
    • From the unique tip structure, sprays a razor-like powerful stream.
    • With small spray capacity, high impact spray is available.
    • Water savings of 20% and prevention of over-cooling.
    • Less wear with optimal tip structure.
    • Delivering Results in,
    • Rough rolling
    • Finish rolling
    • HSB
    • HL
    • Pre-descaling

  • Manual brush-cleaning nozzle headers

    BRASIKan BRASIKan series


    BRASIKan BRASIKan series
    • Features
    • By rotating a handwheel, nozzles can be cleaned.
    • The brush installed in the header thoroughly cleans the nozzle.
    • The brush material is polypropylene. Low wear allows a long period of use.
    • FRP header (Titanium nozzles) for acid liquid resistance is available.
    • Delivering Results in,
    • Continuous zinc plating
    • Continuous acid cleaning
    • Continuous annealing