Medium Capacity Hollow Cone Spray Nozzles   AAP series
Medium Capacity Hollow Cone Spray Nozzles

Spray Pattern of Medium Capacity Hollow Cone Spray Nozzles
• Produce stable spray pattern with relatively fine atomization.
• Single inlet and single outlet enable to enlarge free passage diameter.
• Spraying axis 90°from the axis of the nozzle inlet.

• Brass / Stainless steel
• Cleaning and Cooling of exhaust gas
• Pre-painting treatment
• Aeration, foam breaking
• Humidification, air wash

• Automotive
• Pollution Control
• Air Conditioning
• Textile

Pipe connection size and Standard spray flow range Spray angle
• 1/4" - 1/2"
• 1 - 23 l/min at 0.2MPa
71°- 76°
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