Impinging-type Fine Mist Nozzles  AKIJet® series  [Patent registered]
Impinging-type Fine Mist Nozzles

Spray Pattern of Impinging-type Fine Mist Nozzles
• Atomized droplets are impinged against each other at optimum condition, which results
in uniform distribution of droplet size.
• Medium capacity AKIJet® nozzle is an internal mixing type and large capacity AKIJet®
nozzle is an external mixing type.

• Stainless steel
• Flue gas cooling
• Cooling metal sheet, refractory, molding, etc.
• Moisture control for exhaust gas, concrete
• Oil, waste liquid combustion

• Iron and Steel
• Pollution Control
• Nonferrous Metal

Spray pattern and Standard spray flow range Liquid feeding systems and Air-liquid mixing systems
• Full cone spray
• 10 - 1300 l/hr
• Liquid pressure system
• Impinging type
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