Small Capacity Fine Mist Nozzles  BIM series  [Patent registered]
Small Capacity Fine Mist Nozzles

Spray pattern of Small Capacity Fine Mist Nozzles
• BIM series fine mist nozzles generate fine mist having mean droplet diameter of
10-50μm measured by Fraunhofer Diffraction Method.
• IKEUCHI's unique design minimizes clogging and offers longer life. Assembled by
fewer components compared with other pneumatic spray nozzles for easy maintenance
and lower price.
• Spray pattern available in three types, BIMV nozzles (flat spray type), BIMK nozzles
(hollow cone spray) and BIMJ nozzles (full cone spray).
• Available with compact spray header combining conduits for air and liquid.
• Stainless steel

• Mist cleaning in cleaning process of shadow-mask, PCB, etc.
• Quenching of cold-rolled steel
• Cooling in steel making, rolling mills, cold strip and galvanizing mills, etc.
• Dust suppression, exhaust gas denitration

• Electronics • Textile
• Food • Printing
• Iron and Steel • Automotive
• Pollution Control
• Paper and Pulp
• Chemical
Spray pattern and Standard spray flow range Liquid feeding systems and Air-liquid mixing systems
• Flat / Full cone / Hollow cone spray
• 1 - 100 l/hr
• Liquid pressure system / Liquid siphon system
• Internal mixing type (Inner air type)
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