Ejector Nozzles for Solution Agitation  EJX series  [Patent pending]
figure of Agitating 1
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• EJX nozzles spout out 4 times large volume of the amount supplied.
Reduce pump running cost to 1/4.
Small size, simple structure suitable for multiple-nozzle arrangement.
• Available in highly chemical-resistant PP and SUS303.

Ejector Nozzles for Solution Agitation/One-direction Jet type
One-direction Jet type
Ejector Nozzles for Solution Agitation/Two-direction Jet type
Two-direction Jet type
• Stainless steel 303 / PP (Polypropylene)
figure of Agitating 2
• Agitating the plating solution
in electroplating bath
• Etching
• Cleaning circuit board

For PCB, TAB, BGA, Lead frame

figure of Agitating 3
• Solution agitation
• Uniforming temperature, PH,
concentration of the liquid
• Preventing separation
For CMP, Wafer, Liquid crystal
figure of Agitating 4
• Agitating the plating solution
• Preventing separation

For Galvanized steel sheet
figure of Agitating 5
• Blowing off water drops on the edge
• Cooling

For Galvanized steel sheet, Steel sheet
• Electronics • Iron and Steel • Food
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