Self-cleaning Solid Stream Jet Nozzles  MOMOC series  [Patent registered]
Self-cleaning Solid Stream Jet Nozzles

Spray pattern of Self-cleaning Solid Stream Jet Nozzles
• High impact solid stream.
• If clogged, by reducing the pressure to 0.03MPa, spray tip is retracted and purges
foreign particles, and by increasing the pressure to 0.2MPa, back to normal spraying.
• Straight-through orifice is suitable for multiple-nozzle arrangement.
• Stainless steel 303
• High pressure cleaning
• Bottle and can washing
• Lubrication oil coating, etc.
• Paper and Pulp
• Pollution Control
Pipe connection size and Standard spray flow range Spray angle
• 1/2"
• 1.0 - 6.5 l/min at 1MPa
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