Quick Installation Nozzles  QB series
Quick Installation Nozzles

Quick Installation Nozzles angle
• Quick installation. Drill a φ14.3mm(9/16")hole on a pipe and insert a nozzle into it.
• Easy maintenance by quick detachable nozzles.
• Adjust spray direction within 50 degrees as you like.
• Choice of flat spray pattern or full cone spray pattern.
•Nozzle: FRPP
•Ball, Cap and Adaptor: FRPP
•Spring clip and Spring lock: SUS304
• Pre-treatment for painting
• Case washer
• Other cleaning process
• Automotive
• Food
• Chemical
Pipe connection size and Standard spray flow range Spray angle
• 1",1・1/4",1・1/2",2"
• 8 - 39 l/min at 0.3MPa
• 40°, 65°, 80°
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