Minimal Clogging Fine Mist Nozzles  SETOJet series  [Patent registered]
Minimal Clogging Fine Mist Nozzles

Spray Pattern of Minimal Clogging Fine Mist Nozzles
• SETOJet is the minimal clogging pneumatic nozzle developed for spraying viscous
• External mixing type nozzle (compressed air and liquid are mixed outside the nozzle)
featuring least clogging.

• Stainless steel
• Spraying glaze, egg yolk, viscous liquid
• Denitration of flue gas

• Ceramic
• Food
• Pollution Control

Spray pattern and Standard spray flow range Liquid feeding systems and Air-liquid mixing systems
• Full cone spray (Narrow angle)
• 2 - 95 l/hr
• Liquid pressure system / Liquid siphon system
• External mixing type (Outer air type)
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