Solid Stream Jet with ON/OFF Control : SO-CM

Quick-detachable Type Flat Spray Nozzles ISJJX series Spray angle
SO-CM series
•  Solid stream nozzles with high spray impact.
•  Prevents dripping after spraying stops.
•  Quick responce ON/OFF spray within 1 second.
•  Spray ON/OFF can be regulated by pilot air ON/OFF.
• Spray orifice : Ceramic
• Metal parts : Stainless steel 303
• Trimming : Paper making, asbestos plate, etc. 
• Cutting: Timber, food.
• Others: Marking, cleaning of precision machine parts, injection of chemicals, deburring, forming of beer, etc.

• Electronics
• Food
• Iron and Steel
• Paper and Pulp
• Pollution Control
• Automotive

Pipe connection size and Standard spray flow range Spray angle
• 1/8" female(Air / Liquid)
• 0.2 - 2.0 l/min at 0.3MPa
• 15°- 115°
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