Gas Cooling Nozzles   SPB series (SPILLBACK)
Gas Cooling Nozzles

Spray Pattern of Gas Cooling Nozzles
• Variable capacity hollow cone spray nozzles generating fine atomization with uniform
spray distribution.
• Spray capacity can be controlled by only adjusting return pressure while supply
pressure kept constant. Spray capacity becomes maximized by fully closing return value
and minimized by fully opening return valve.
The turndown ratio of spray capacity is 1:10.
• A part of supplied liquid is flowed back when return valve is open and supply flow
increases. The increase of supply flow is within 40% of the maximum spray capacity.
• The variation in droplet size of the spray can be minimized despite the modulation of
spray flow. SPB series nozzles are suitable for evaporative cooling in cooling towers
where the inlet gas temperature varies.
• Stainless steel

• Temporary exhaust gas cooling in incinerator
• Moisture control of exhaust gas in rotary kiln
• Exhaust gas cooling in furnace

• Pollution Control
• Iron and Steel
• Paper and Pulp
• Ceramic
• Chemical
Pipe connection size and Standard spray flow range Spray angle
• 4 - 30 l/min (Supply pressure: 2MPa, Return pressure: Max)
60°, 85°
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