Universal-Joint Type Solid Stream Jet: UT+CP
Standard Solid Stream Jet Nozzles Standard Solid Stream Jet Nozzles

Spray pattern of Round Inlet Solid Stream Jet Nozzles/High pressure cleaning
• Spray direction is adjustable over a range of 40 
   degrees as desired.
• High impact ofrce oscillating solid stream flow.
• Spray orifice: Ceramic
• Adaptor: S303( Stainless steel 303)
• Adhensive: Araldite®
• Cleaning of Cars, vehicles, containers felts, screens and etc. 
• Spraying for conveyor lubricant
• Automotive
• Food
• Iron and Steel
• Pollution Control
• Paper and Pulp
Pipe connection size and Standard spray flow range Spray angle
• 1/4"
• 1.51 - 18.2 l/min at 0.5MPa
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