Wide-angle Flat Spray Nozzles  YYP series
Wide-angle Flat Spray Nozzles

>Wide-angle Flat Spray Nozzles Spray angle
• Produce wide-angle flat spray pattern at low liquid pressure.
• Features minimal clogging while atomization performance, spray pattern and
distribution are rough and spray impulse is low compared with other flat spray nozzles.
• Spraying at an angle of 75°to the axis of the nozzle.
• Brass / Stainless steel / Plastics
• Developing, Stripping (in manufacturing of electronic product)
• Washing of conveyor and net roll, seasoning, washing of cases, rolls, drums / Cooling
(in Food processing)
• Electronics
• Food
• Iron and Steel
• Pollution Control
• Paper and Pulp
Pipe connection size and Standard spray flow range Spray angle
• 1/8" - 1"
• 0.3 - 250 l/min at 0.15MPa
• 100°- 140°
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